She straightened up, immediately improved. “Ah, ha!” She thrust her finger in the air. “We have a victory papa, not everyone is of the same mind. I do appreciate your freedom and you know I am careful and stay out of harm’s way…”

“Hardly, my dear. Some support does not mean you can keep writing about controversial subjects. Eventually, our readers will stop buying the Sentinel and pick up the City Sun Times. I have to consider all the responses. Those complaint letters are warning signs, precursors to future problems in the political climate, and queries as to where the women’s vote is going.”

“Women’s vote is the future,” Allie said. Grasping on the last hope her father will come to reason.

“What do you mean, future? There’s no place for women in politics. They’ll never be allowed to vote,” her father said.

“How can you be so sure?”

“Today’s rally is not fresh news. The fight for the vote is half a century old, and nothing has changed. Neither has the fight for women’s rights.”

“Women keep seeking what is rightfully theirs in spite of the failures—don’t you find that worthwhile?”

About the Book

Opposites attract in this historical romance when a young suffragette foregoes the obedience of marriage until a handsome detective is hired to protect her from harm.

It’s not that she doesn’t want to marry…

Allie Baldwin is a gilded age heiress—also a journalist at The New York Sentinel. She’s tired of writing about the latest fashions for the society column and wants to write something more meaningful. Attending a rally at City Hall, planning to interview some of the speakers at the event, a situation ensues with Allie barely escaping. Enough is enough — to protect Allie from making rash decisions while fighting for freedom, her parents force a security agent upon her; not just any agent, but a dangerous and delectable man…one that taunts her decision never to marry.

He’s not ready for marriage…

Peter Harrison, the dashing debonair, runs Harrison’s Detective Agency handed down to him by his father.  Much to his chagrin, he finds himself following in his father’s footsteps confirming why he’ll never marry until he’s older — because he’ll never do to his family what his father did to him. But when a gorgeous red-haired vixen runs right into him at an event his agency is working, he can’t help but enjoy the possibilities until she runs away leaving him without a trace. When the publisher of the city’s top newspaper hires him to protect his daughters on a short trip, he never imagined one of the ladies would be just who he was looking for.

But as luck would have it, his job is to keep order–she wants the right to vote… but maybe they can meet halfway—without losing their hearts

The Unforgettable Miss Baldwin is an intelligent, fast-paced romance brimming with sensuality and spiced with mystery.

Sue Grimshaw

Edits by Sue

A solid page-turner, exquisite details painted in every scene.

Marian Lanouette

Author, Jake Carrington Thriller Series

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