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  • Colorful and Cozy by Gail Ingis
    Cozy! Baby it’s cold outside. Boy is it ever! But Tom and I are all snug as two bugs in a rug with our wood stove and our stack of fresh logs for the fire. The wood will keep our heating costs down and our toes all warm and toasty! While I’m recuperating from foot surgery I am under house arrest as I work on ... read more
    Source: Gail Ingis BlogPublished on 2018-01-10By gailingis
  • New Year’s Resolutions in Reverse by Gail Ingis
    We didn’t need to return the champagne. Two sips, done and yum! I’m going to tell you a little secret: I’ve never ever made a New Year’s Resolution. There! The cat’s out of the bag. Why? Every positive change I’ve made in my life happened because of slow, steady, hard work. Not after three glasses of champagne at 12:01 on Jan. 1st. You might say ... read more
    Source: Gail Ingis BlogPublished on 2018-01-04By gailingis
  • Oh, Bring Us Some Noodle Pudding . . .
    Yummy Yummy! This is no mashugana. And it’s not kugel! It’s noodle! Have you heard? I’m famous! Well, sort of. I’m the Queen Of Noodle Pudding. In my family that is. Fame in any form is fun. My fame only continues as long as I keep making the noodle pudding. Every Holiday, I am tasked with bringing the noodle pudding. But this year I had a ... read more
    Source: Gail Ingis BlogPublished on 2017-12-28By gailingis
  • It’s Time For Some Scrooge by Gail Ingis
    My angel is all caught up in the holiday spirit. No matter what I say, she insists i take the time to enjoy the tree lights and sing Christmas carols. She even wants me to paint a winter landscape. She reminds me to be kind, patient and generous of spirit. She says, “Remember Scrooge? Of course! Who can forget the miser who turns into a ... read more
    Source: Gail Ingis BlogPublished on 2017-12-21By gailingis
  • The Christmas Cookie Exchange by Gail Ingis
    Christmas is a time for giving. Christmas is about spending time with loved ones. Christmas is also about cookies! Christmas cookies that is.. The big Christmas Cooke Exchange happens every year in my family. And boy is it fun. My daughter-in-law and family used to bake dozens of thumbprint cookies and then give them away. These pictures are the end result.  Two dozen stayed in ... read more
    Source: Gail Ingis BlogPublished on 2017-12-13By gailingis
  • A Christmas Concert To Remember by Gail Ingis
    West Point Cadet Chapel Chapel looking back to the Narthex This past Sunday, December 3, Tom and I took the 90 minute drive up the Palisades, across the Bear Mountain Bridge, around the bending roads and up the hills, to the West Point Cadet Chapel in West Point, NY. West Point is actually the name of the town, the home of the United ... read more
    Source: Gail Ingis BlogPublished on 2017-12-07By gailingis
  • Reaching for your own star by Gail Ingis
    Brite Brilliance Acrylic/Canvas | 16×20″ As a kid, my creativity took the form of re-creating. I took clothes apart and remade them into something different. I turned my mother’s gown into a dress. Mom was horrified. I also took apart radios and clocks and put them back together. Dad was supportive. I sometimes needed his help. I also began drawing when I was a kid. ... read more
    Source: Gail Ingis BlogPublished on 2017-11-30By gailingis

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