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    Pat Haggerty, Scrivener Instructor Learning Scrivener has eluded me for five or six years. My first book, Indigo Sky, got born without it. Intentions are to cook up my sequel with it.  Not too long ago I took Pat Haggerty’s workshop, all video, Scooped up hearing aids this time. Before that I attempted other ways. After a Scrivener workshop, instructor Gwen Hernandez met with me ... read more
    Source: Gail Ingis BlogPublished on 2017-03-23By gailingis
    The Road to Publication: A Writer’s Navigation Guide Written by a research scientist, author Claire Gem’s book The Road to Publication: A Writer’s Navigation Guide, will be released Friday, March 17, 2017. This is a book all writers must own. Claire is an excellent teacher and has shared her knowledge with me. I benefited from her expertise. She is a driving force, doesn’t give up, ... read more
    Source: Gail Ingis BlogPublished on 2017-03-16By gailingis
    Nope, it’s not working. How do I do this writing thing? Writing fiction fell upon me through my own devices of dreams and things. After some research online where I found the affair of my 19th century, barely out of her teen years debutante, I thought, I must write this story of love, disappointment and murder. I know, I said to myself, I’ll write a ... read more
    Source: Gail Ingis BlogPublished on 2017-03-09By gailingis
    I’m so excited you stumbled upon this little corner of the ever changing mystery of writing. The ever eluding story, fiction or nonfiction. I write about all things questionable and what isn’t? Little kids fire questions that we all asked at one time or another. Everything is a mystery, beginning with, “Why is the sky blue?” When was the last time you asked that one? ... read more
    Source: Gail Ingis BlogPublished on 2017-03-02By gailingis
    About Author Gail Ingis Author, Blogger, Historian, Writing happily ever after, one book at a time.  The writing bug bit me when I decided to create a copy of Albert Bierstadt’s, “Domes of Yosemite.” What? You were painting and that’s when you wanted to write? What a conundrum. Finding Nemo Why? Did your painting journey uncover a secret? Although Bierstadt’s ... read more
    Source: Gail Ingis BlogPublished on 2017-02-23By gailingis
    This post comes from Painter’s Keys, Robert and daughter Sara Genn (Sara has been carrying on since her Dad passed), these letters are awesome. I have been subscribed since 1997. Each letter is informative, intellectual, and encouraging to artists and writers alike. Anyone can subscribe. See link below. The quiet town of Jokkmokk (pop. 8000) in Swedish Lapland has been the subject of considerable study. ... read more
    Source: Gail Ingis BlogPublished on 2017-02-16By gailingis
    After four desperate tries for my latest writings, a sequel to my Indigo Sky, I finally nailed down ideas in the form of a synopsis. I know, I know, a synopsis is supposed to be, well, sort of like a short story–beginning, middle and end. How do you write this thing without the story? Created as the preliminary to an outline, I left out the ... read more
    Source: Gail Ingis BlogPublished on 2017-02-09By gailingis

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