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    WRITE DESIGN by Gail Ingis, ASID* Nope, it’s not working. How do I do this writing thing? Writing takes more than putting words on paper. Like broadly-scoped art, there are applicable concepts. Writing is creative, right? Creativity and art are parallel, and in all art, there are similarities. Which tools do you use, blank sheet of paper versus blank canvas, keyboard versus sketching pencil,  paint ... read more
    Source: Gail Ingis BlogPublished on 2017-05-25By gailingis
    Flatiron Building Twenty-three skidoo was a happening at a triangular site where Broadway and Fifth Avenue meet. The juxtaposition of the streets and a nearby park caused a wind-tunnel effect.  In the early twentieth century, men would hang out on the corner of Twenty-third Street and watch the wind blowing women’s dresses up, so that they could catch a little bit of ankle. This entered ... read more
    Source: Gail Ingis BlogPublished on 2017-05-18By gailingis
    The Kiss (Lovers), oil and gold leaf on canvas, 1907–1908 Gustav Klimt (popular for its gilt) The Gilded Age, circa 1870-1900, was a period of rapid economic and social growth characterized by the emergence of a wealthy middle class, excess and embellishment in architecture, art and fashion, fueled by mechanization, transportation, major inventions and the growth of cities. Under the surface however lay significant social ... read more
    Source: Gail Ingis BlogPublished on 2017-05-11By gailingis
    Maria Connor Maria and I found each other at RWA 2014 Atlanta. We met over an iPod Nano. We never talked about writing, only music on her tiny Nano. The tiny toy and its 5000 songs fascinated me. She gave it to me. I’ll have it with me at Disney RWA this year. If you catch me, I’ll show you. It has all my songs ... read more
    Source: Gail Ingis BlogPublished on 2017-05-04By gailingis
    Dance through history . . . Gail Ingis & instructor Henry Skopp at Foxwoods competition. Gail got 1st place in Waltz and Foxtrot. Dancin’ feet! Do you know the latest dance? Bet you would if you could . . . dance. “Tom,” I said, “For my birthday, come on, dance with me.” Now that we got ourselves onto the dance floor, I began to wonder ... read more
    Source: Gail Ingis BlogPublished on 2017-04-27By gailingis
  • How to Hold Your Reader on the Ride with Dynamic Pacing
    Thunderbolt We are passing on this AutoCrit excellent blog, with permission from Jocelyn, for your perusal. Ever watched a movie that was so packed full of non-stop action it left you feeling breathless? Exhilarated, maybe… but disconnected from the characters – unable to learn much about them amidst the constant stream of explosions, car chases and death-defying peril? Or have you ever read a story ... read more
    Source: Gail Ingis BlogPublished on 2017-04-20By gailingis
    Dakota tower Architect Henry J Hardenbergh designed The Dakota in1884. A local chap, he was born in New Brunswick, NJ.  Schooled at Hasbrouck Institute in Jersey City, and apprenticed in New York from 1865-1870 under Detlef Lienau, architect of Lockwood-Mathews Mansion, Norwalk, CT. The Dakota apartments, a coop, is exclusive to the famous, movie stars, musicians and the wealthy. The Dakota c. 1890 The Dakota ... read more
    Source: Gail Ingis BlogPublished on 2017-04-13By gailingis

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