Indigo Sky

Indigo Sky by Gail Ingis

A romance novel by Gail Ingis

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I write and blog about art history, architecture, and interior design. And, you guessed it, I write fiction, too. Writing and painting are my two passions. These days, my main focus (between writing projects) is to complete my painting project, entitled Images of Coney Island for a show at the end of 2016.

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  • My long lost roller skates
    I loved roller skating when I was a girl. I had a pair of white leather roller skates with long white laces and wooden wheels. I don’t know what happened to all my Brooklyn buddies that I used to skate with, wouldn’t I love to meet up with them again. One name stands out though, Gloria. I’ll never forget her. Gloria did not love me ... read more
    Source: Gail Ingis BlogPublished on 2018-07-05By gailingis
  • You want to be a writer? Now what?
    How do you do this writing thing? I kind of fell into writing fiction by accident. You see, I’m an artist (a painter) and for many, many years I was an interior designer and taught design and architecture as well. I was always an avid reader. But a writer? No way! Until I was inspired by painter Albert Bierstadt and I wanted to tell a story ... read more
    Source: Gail Ingis BlogPublished on 2018-06-28By gailingis
  • Why Tennis Matters
    Grand Slam in Melbourne, AU Celebrating two great champions Tom and I love tennis so much that we were willing to get up at 3:30 in the morning to watch this year’s Australian Open, the first Grand Slam tournament of the year. There’s a sixteen-hour time difference between Melbourne and Connecticut. The afternoon matches started at 9 pm our time, while the evening matches started ... read more
    Source: Gail Ingis BlogPublished on 2018-06-21By gailingis
  • A Romantic Summer Read
    Sea Lust I was fortunate to receive an ARC of the contemporary romance, Sea Lust by Joy Smith in exchange for a review, and I devoured it in one night. Joy Smith’s writing is dramatic, descriptive and tight. She wastes no words—each one carries the story forward. Marty, aka Martha Chase, was a strong, independent woman but life had cheated on her. Known for her ... read more
    Source: Gail Ingis BlogPublished on 2018-06-14By gailingis
  • New York City’s Grid
    René Rivera, lives in New York City 2017 It’s easier to determine in Manhattan since all the blocks here are designed on a numbered grid. From Street to street, it’s 20 blocks to a mile. So from say, 40th and 3rd avenue to 60th and 3rd, it’s one single mile. ... read more
    Source: Gail Ingis BlogPublished on 2018-06-07By gailingis
  • Those Bumpy, Tumbly, Cobbly Cobblestones
    If the shoe fits (into the cobblestones) wear it. Women do it in Italy, in France, in Canada and in the USA. In fact, I saw them do it in Portugal last summer. They do it all over the world. Yep. Women walk in high heels on cobblestones. My good friend, Gigi, grew up in Portugal, and her Mama and family are still there. So ... read more
    Source: Gail Ingis BlogPublished on 2018-05-24By gailingis
  • Revolutionized Boston
    ChartHouse from our room in CustomHouse (Marriott) It’s been two-hundred-and-fifty-five years of ChartHouse’s existence in the Gardiner Building on Long Wharf in Boston harbor. It’s been one week since Tom and I dined there—and we can’t wait to go back. ChartHouse originally served as the office of Thomas Hancock and subsequently, his nephew, John Hancock. Once referred to as “Hancock’s CountingHouse,” it’s the oldest building on Long ... read more
    Source: Gail Ingis BlogPublished on 2018-05-17By gailingis
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