Indigo Sky

Indigo Sky by Gail Ingis

A romance novel by Gail Ingis

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About the Author

I write and blog about art history, architecture, and interior design. And, you guessed it, I write fiction, too. Writing and painting are my two passions. These days, my main focus (between writing projects) is to complete my painting project, entitled Images of Coney Island for a show at the end of 2016.

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    A pun on Michaelangelo’s sculpture Pain and pleasure. Entrepreneurs find out the hard way about earning a living. If you have a job, keep it until your dream comes to fruition. For me, I have had both success and failure, (pain and pleasure). My most successful endeavor provided ultimate satisfaction, the founding of my school, Interior Design Institute. I was degreed and well-studied in interior ... read more
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    Welcome to Junior’s! Hail a taxicab anywhere in New York City and tell the driver, “Take me to the best cheesecake in New York.” Odds are you will end up at the corner of Flatbush and DeKalb Avenues in Brooklyn, at Juniors. Junior’s landmark restaurant is known as the home of New York’s best cheesecake. For decades, Brooklynites (and other New Yorkers) ... read more
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    Done Deal, this competition. I did it! The dancing competition at Foxwoods this past weekend was fantastic. Up at 5:30 a.m. for makeup, then hair up, then dress up. I glanced in the mirror, who is that? Queen of the Ball (but really, that’s me) But you see, this is my exercise workshop. I never could stick to a gym. Tennis was always my sport, ... read more
    Source: Gail Ingis BlogPublished on 2016-11-17By gailingis
    Double Dutch jump rope Competition begins in Kindergarten:   Where you compete in jump rope, remember double dutch? Relay races, finger painting pictures for the teachers to tack to the bulletin boards. Kids fingerpainting In third grade you compete in spelling bees, in high school you compete in basketball, baseball and tennis, etc., etc., etc. Compete in art, compete in music, compete in academics. Our grandson ... read more
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    Trail Map   ·   Photos   ·   Reviews Lower Yosemite Falls There’s always more to discover about Yosemite. I’m writing a sequel to Indigo Sky, so I’m researching building a home there in the nineteenth century. In Indigo Sky, Rork, a successful artist and his wife, Leila, a dedicated mother and community leader, built a home in lower Yosemite and raised more than ... read more
    Source: Gail Ingis BlogPublished on 2016-11-03By gailingis
    Free for your reading pleasure, the eBook, Indigo Sky, is available for $0.00 Friday and Saturday, October 28 & 29,  on Amazon.Com. After the promotion is over the price goes back to $2.99. So get Indigo Sky while you can. Bookcover If you like romance, and you like rip-roaring adventure, Indigo Sky is for you! Shopping at Tiffany’s, getting caught up in the New ... read more
    Source: Gail Ingis BlogPublished on 2016-10-28By gailingis
    Bookshelves, yours, mine, ours? Whenever I visit someone’s house for the first time, I try to sneak a peek at their bookshelves. It’s amazing what you can tell about a person from their books. Take my old roommate, for example; she had a small collection of Christian lit. and YA novels. Just by glancing at her shelf, I knew that she was religious and liked ... read more
    Source: Gail Ingis BlogPublished on 2016-10-20By gailingis

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